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Abby  Ambrose, a.k.a. Golden Flame, is a dancer, choreographer, instructor,  and DJ specializing in Hip-Hop, Latin, and African dances and music.  Beginning as a street dancer in his birth country of Nigeria, Abby has  since trained in ballet, Latin, ballroom, and contemporary styles. He  has been dancing, performing, and teaching for more than a decade.

Bringing  joy to others through dance and performing dance is Abby’s greatest  love. His teams and choreographies have been staged countless times, and  he has appeared in music videos and television commercials. His first  Hip-Hop dance team, the Holy Flames, won Lagos’ Battle of the Year  competition. He has also earned podiums in Salsa and Ballroom  competitions, as well as Hip-Hop dance awards.

As the owner of  Golden Flame Dance Company, he coaches two performance teams  (D-Transformers dance crew, and Kings & Queens Latin team); offers  customized performances and showcases; and provides both private and  group instruction.

Click here to download a PDF document detailing Abby's Dance Credentials.

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